6 Holiday Gift Sets for 6 Coffee Drinkers

The holiday season is here, when we put the daily grind on hold for a moment to cherish our loved ones and reflect on another year gone by. We’re reminded of how much we have in common, as well as all the unique quirks and tastes we all bring to the coffee table. Here are six holiday gift sets that speak to each of the beautiful souls on your holiday shopping list.

For the Lazy Sunday Sippers

Chocolate Flavors Trio Gift Set

These folks have the sage-like understanding that “Sunday” is more than a column on the calendar: it’s a state of mind. As the world grumbles outside their window, Lazy Sunday Sippers raise a cup to celebrate the day. There’s always a knitted blanket draped over their feet, the thermostat is always set to “nap time,” and overstuffed furniture in the living room is always ready to sink into on a bad day. Words that comes to mind when you ponder a Lazy Sunday Sipper include “comfy,” “crochet” and “chocolate.” Their hallways are plastered in framed photographs, which leaves you wondering how one person can be so important to so many. But then again, anytime you need a shoulder to lean on that's when a Lazy Sunday Sipper is there, listening with a warm smile, you remember why.

For the Manic Morning Masters

Crop Ex Whole Bean Coffee and Mug Set

While the rest of us struggle to gain some work week momentum, these coffee drinkers have turned Monday into an art form. They button every hole, fold every bed sheet and count every blessing before they head out the door. Their morning ritual has been perfected over years of trial and error: it is the source of their power. When Monday morning traffic strikes, they know a local side street or back road to tame it, and when our Manic Morning Masters aren’t putting their universes in order, they’re lending a hand to improve ours. They always remember the little things, and while that mostly means never forgetting that a morning meeting, that also means remembering your favorite candy (or your favorite coffee) and never forgetting a birthday.

For the Night Shift Ninjas

Santa’s White Christmas and Mug Gift Set

These coffee drinkers may not somersault or leap into action (that we know of), but their nocturnal exploits are no less legendary. They operate undercover at night because they’ve uncovered an ancient secret of productivity: the peace and quiet bestowed by the stars. Although you may not see your local Night Shift Ninjas at work, you certainly feel the difference their work makes in the world. They’re dedicated to nailing the details. Night Shift Ninjas don’t just burn the wick at both ends: they melt down the whole candle and mold it into an adorable statuette. Night Shift Ninjas work harder and smarter: they’re the super stars that keep our worlds spinning while well sleep.

For the Work-From-Homers

Santa’s White Christmas Single Serve Coffee and Mug Set

These folks are masters of their domestic domains; they’re senseis of desk feng shui and proud owners of “business slippers.” Work-From-Homers throw the best office parties because the “office” is wherever and whenever they need it to be – they have options, which the Work-From-Homers are all about. Work-From-Homers cherish their own freedom to think and act for themselves, and they’re going to respect yours in kind. That’s why this folks give some of the best advice you’ll never know you needed. So put those thoughtful tidbits in your pocket. You know they'll be worth something someday.

For the Happy Campers

Holiday Flavors Trio Gift Set

A light shines from within our Happy Campers. They says good morning to the bugs that bumble onto their sleeping bags and thank them for the privilege. Happy Campers think in Google Maps; Happy Campers are always ready to blaze the wilderness and share their discoveries with the world. For these optimistic creatures, weather isn't an obstacle so much as it’s a gleeful observation. "It's raining!” a Happy Camper may exclaim, because any day – rain or shine – these folks can explore new grounds is another day won.

For the Day Trippers

Single Serve Coffee Variety Gift Set

If there’s a new day breaking over that Wild Blue Yonder, the Day Trippers have already written a new itinerary to explore it. Their suitcases have more flyer miles than you do. They stop in the woods on a snowy evening, they take the road less traveled by, and they Instagram the whole thing. Whether it’s traveling across the country or around the block, Day Trippers make the adventure, not the other way around. Their travel kits usually includes a bottle of sunscreen, a notepad and a paperback novel. No matter where our Day Trippers end up, they bring smiles and gusto along with them.

Bold Coffee Creations

  • Barnie’s Espresso Martini

    Barnie’s Espresso Martini

  • Iced Coffee Margarita

    Iced Coffee Margarita

  • Eggspresso