Abstract Fluid Art by Nat Galed with Barnie's Café Blend Coffee

We challenged artist Nat Galed to produce an abstract fluid piece of art using Barnie's Café Blend Coffee. This turned into a day-long project for Nat with multiple coats of coffee and 5 different layers.

Abstract Fluid Art Barnie's Coffee Nat Galed

Their story is quite sweet and beautifully captured by her husband Jon, a news photographer for WFTV, and photojournalist for Barnie's Coffee & Tea on artist Day 34 of 365 days of art.

"If this isn't latte-inspired art, I don't know what is!", she says.
Abstract Fluid Art Barnie's Coffee and Latte Nat Galed

Once we saw the final piece of art we knew we had to have it! After speaking with the artist and learning more about her, we found out the couple actually got their engagement photos taken at our cafe on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. It made our newly found coffee art that much more special.

Abstract Fluid Art Nat Galed

We love to support our local artists and couldn't have been more thankful to see our coffee in such a masterpiece! Check out more fantastic art from Nat on her Instagram feed @natgalad

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