Barnie’s Back-to-School Grown-Up Guide

Whether you’re preparing your own family for the new school year, gearing up for the 9 to 5, or starting off a new college semester, we could all use a little school spirit. This is where Barnie’s Back-to-School Grown-Up Guide comes in: we’re here to arm you with the four tools that we’ve ranked first-in-class!

  1. Pack a PB&J - Introducing Peanut Butter & Jelly Coffee, the ultimate lunchbox favorite. We’ve infused the classic flavor of our smooth Barnie’s Blend coffee to create a truly nostalgic sipping experience. The first sip hand delivers a sweet note from Mom.
  2. Support the Team - Missed the pep rally? No problem. We’ve got a too cool for school Corkcicle Tumbler featuring Barnie’s Coffee & Tea logo (two Orlando-based brands working together yay!). Keep your coffee at temperature for 9+ hours.
  3. Pull an All-Nighter - We’re no longer up late cramming for a test, but we still want to stay sharp, right? Pick up a Cold Brew Growler at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen on Park Avenue. It’s 64 ounces of caffeinated brilliance.
  4. Ace the Test - Subscribe to Barnie’s Coffee & Tea email updates for weekly promotions and news. You don’t have to study, and your dog will never eat it. We just give you all of the answers

Ok, now you’re ready! Make us proud.

Bold Coffee Creations

  • Barnie’s Espresso Martini

    Barnie’s Espresso Martini

  • Iced Coffee Margarita

    Iced Coffee Margarita

  • Eggspresso