Best Flavored Coffees for Holiday Entertaining

Coffee Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means the arrival of delicious, comforting holiday flavors. From homemade pies to Christmas cookies, candy canes and more, tempting treats abound during the season. And what is more comforting than a cup of hot, flavorful coffee? Whether it's sipped on its own, or enjoyed with a snack, a cup of coffee is a pick-me-up.

The holiday season also brings more time with friends and family. When you're serving coffee after Thanksgiving dinner, on Christmas morning or any time during the season, you'll want to serve the very best to your guests. This holiday season, wow your loved ones with delicious holiday coffee flavors, paired with meals, desserts and snacks.

German Chocolate Cake Coffee

German Chocolate Cake Coffee

What could be more rich and decadent than sumptuous German chocolate cake? With undertones of hazelnut, and delightful and bold coconut and chocolate flavors, German chocolate cake coffee is a treat all by itself. You can enjoy the coffee at any time of the day — with your breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up or with dessert after dinner.

The medium roast coffee is available in whole bean or ground. A decaf version is also available. With its sumptuous flavor, German chocolate cake coffee will delight your holiday guests. Chocolate lovers will especially enjoy the deeper flavor of this delicious coffee. Make it your house's signature blend, and coffee time at your home will be a memorable experience for all of your guests.

While chocolate flavors are delicious at any time of the year, the holidays can turn chocolate into an extra-special treat. What could be better than a towering slice of chocolate cake, topped with rich pecan and coconut frosting, as a delicious finale to a holiday dinner? Although the name might make you think that German chocolate cake comes from Germany, the recipe is an American tradition. It's named for a person, not a country. A Dallas newspaper first published the recipe, made with Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate — named for chocolate creator Sam German. Americans quickly fell in love with the cake.

Chocolate and coffee have always been a natural pairing, as the flavor profiles are similar and complement each other perfectly. And German chocolate cake coffee takes the pairing to the next level, as it goes beyond basic chocolate. Imagine playing out in the snow and coming inside to a cup of coffee instead of hot cocoa.

To enhance the flavor of this amazing coffee even more, pair it with the right treats. Here are just a few ideas:

  • German chocolate cake: Why not go for the ultimate decadent pairing, and enjoy your coffee with its namesake dessert. Delicious German chocolate cake is a great companion to coffee, and will bring out all the coffee's flavor notes. Bake the classic dessert for your holiday party or order a cake from a local bakery.
  • Coconut scones with coconut glaze: Bring out the coconut flavor profile of the German chocolate cake coffee with delicious scones. Bake a batch of coconut scones with coconut glaze for a crowd-pleasing holiday brunch, or make a gift basket for a friend. Don't forget to include a bag of German chocolate cake coffee too.
  • Sweet and salty pecans: Satisfy your sweet tooth and relieve your salty cravings at the same time by serving sweet-and-salty nuts. Sweet and salty pecans will bring out the nutty flavor notes of the German chocolate cake coffee, and make a great pairing for an afternoon snack. You can customize the recipe with mixed nuts or your favorite kinds, but the pecans will pair the best with this coffee. The candied pecans also make a great holiday gift, paired with a bag of coffee.

Santa's White Christmas Coffee

Coffee and Food Pairing

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? What's more Christmasy than gently falling snowflakes and Santa? This classic imagery was made even more popular with Irving Berlin's iconic Christmas tune, "White Christmas," written in 1940. The classic Christmas song has been covered by many different recording artists over the years and is a staple of any holiday party playlist.

Barnie's Coffee and Tea introduced Santa's White Christmas coffee back in 1995, as their official holiday blend. The coffee became so popular, not just as one of the best holiday coffee flavors, but as a year-round bestseller, that it was made a permanent flavor. This deliciously flavored blend features notes of coconut, sweet caramel, vanilla and nutty flavors — reminiscent of Santa's favorite cookies. Santa's White Christmas coffee is one of Barnie's most popular holiday coffee flavors but you can enjoy it any time of the year.

The delicious and aromatic coffee is a perfect choice to serve all holiday season at your home. From your first cup in the morning to your after-dinner treat and any time in between, Santa's White Christmas coffee tastes great at any time. Your holiday guests will be wowed with this unique flavor combination, and it will get them in the Christmas spirit, ready for more holiday fun.

Santa's White Christmas coffee is a medium roast coffee and is also available in decaf and in single-serve cups. Serve up an unforgettable cup of Christmas flavor at your next gathering, or give bags of this festive coffee as gifts to your loved ones. And why not leave out a cup of this delicious blend for Santa on Christmas Eve!

While this coffee is delicious when enjoyed on its own, take your experience to the next level with these food pairings:

  • Salted caramel coconut cookies: Make a batch of caramel coconut cookies for your holiday guests to enjoy, for a cookie exchange or to leave out for Santa. Served with Santa's White Christmas coffee, these salted caramel coconut cookies will bring out the nuanced flavor notes of the coffee. These yummy cookies are also fun to bake and make a pretty presentation on a cookie plate for any holiday party.
  • Christmas caramel popcorn: Perfect for an afternoon snack, and great when packaged for gifting, Christmas caramel popcorn features peanuts and coconut, combined with popcorn, and drizzled with sweet caramel sauce and chocolate. Make up a big batch when company is coming over and serve with Santa's White Christmas coffee while you watch White Christmas — or any favorite holiday movie. This just might become a new family tradition you'll want to repeat year after year.
  • Santa's White Christmas wacky cake: For the ultimate in decadent treat pairings, whip up this easy-to-make dessert. Santa's White Christmas wacky cake is not just a perfect flavor match — it actually features Barnie's coffee in the cake and in the delicious coconut cream cheese frosting. You can mix up this cake right in your baking pan, eliminating extra dishes. It is great for last-minute company. Served with the coffee, the flavors of both will be enhanced. Enjoy this delicious treat throughout the holiday season.

Creme Brûlée Coffee

One of the most popular desserts across the world, creme brûlée has been around for hundreds of years. The dessert's exact origins are not certain, as France, England and Spain all have their own version. However, the first known written recipe for creme brûlée dates back to 1691, from France. The delicious, classic dessert is a custard that is topped with crispy, caramelized burned sugar. A broiler or blowtorch produces the signature sugary crust.

Barnie's Coffee and Tea offers creme brûlée coffee, with all the creamy, delicious flavors of this crave-able dessert. The creme brûlée coffee is a special blend of coffee beans from Central and South America and includes the delectable flavors of sweet cream and buttery caramel. It's also available in decaf and single-serve cup varieties. A flavor that can be enjoyed all year, creme brûlée coffee is especially delicious over the holiday season and is a delightful surprise for your holiday entertaining.

Creme brûlée coffee can be served at any time of the day, over holiday breakfasts and brunches, for a mid-afternoon treat or with dessert after your holiday meals. Whenever you serve this coffee, you'll delight your guests and maybe even start a new holiday tradition.

Creme brûlée is a relatively simple dessert, but the finishing touch makes it feel incredibly special. A staple of many upscale restaurant menus, the custardy dessert isn't difficult to create at home and is a fun way to celebrate holidays with friends and family. Basic creme brûlée is simple and creamy with a light vanilla caramel flavor, but there is an endless variety of special flavors to try, such as chocolate or orange. All of them pair beautifully with Barnie's creme brûlée coffee.

Serve creme brûlée coffee at any time of the day, alone or with any of these delicious ideas:

  • Overnight French toast bake: Is there a more decadent breakfast than French toast? Thick slices of bread soaked in an egg custard, then topped with syrup, whipped cream and berries are going to please pretty much anyone. Although French toast is a treat, it's a lot of work to make for a crowd. If you're cooking breakfast for a crowd, an overnight French toast is the way to go. You prep everything the night before, giving the bread time to soak up the custard. All you need to do in the morning is bake. Serve the dish with creme brûlée coffee and enjoy Christmas morning or at any other holiday brunch gathering.
  • Christmas creme brûlée: What better pairing for creme brûlée coffee than a delectable Christmas twist on this classic dessert! Regular creme brûlée is a fancy treat on its own, but this recipe for Christmas creme brûlée takes it to the next level, with an aromatic custard and edible gold leaf giving the sugary crust an extra glimmer. Impress your guests with this amazing presentation as a dessert at your next holiday party and the perfect coffee pairing.
  • Creme brûlée affogato: Affogato is Italian for "drowned." It's traditionally a scoop of vanilla gelato with a shot or two of espresso poured over it. If you love coffee ice cream and the creamy flavor of creme brûlée, put your own twist on the dessert by pouring 3 tablespoons of hot creme brûlée coffee over a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream. Vanilla is traditional, but you can make the dessert work with chocolate or caramel ice cream, too.

Sweet Vanilla Bean Coffee

Perhaps America's favorite flavor, vanilla can be found in all sorts of treats. But in Barnie's sweet vanilla bean coffee, the flavor is anything but basic. This medium roast coffee is smooth and rich, with a subtly sweet flavor. The coffee is naturally flavored, and even with the sweet flavor, contains no sugar.

During the holidays, vanilla flavors are reminiscent of freshly baked sugar cookies, and sweet vanilla bean coffee is a classic to serve at any holiday gathering or event. Enjoy this coffee as your morning cup, as an afternoon pick-me-up or as a pairing to sweet desserts after dinner. Make sweet vanilla bean coffee your signature blend at home and delight your guests with the delicious flavors and aromas.

The sweet, comforting scent of vanilla is associated with holiday baking and may remind us of childhood and home. Vanilla scents have been shown to elevate mood and reduce depression and stressful feelings. Promoting happiness and relaxation, vanilla is an all-around feel-good scent — great for the holiday season! Why not throw a cookie baking party — with plenty of vanilla — and serve fresh sweet vanilla bean coffee to your guests.

Vanilla flavors are well-loved and go with just about anything, so you can serve this delicious coffee any time and with all sorts of food pairings. Try some of these delicious vanilla recipes:

  • Christmas vanilla roll cake: This delicious cake recipe is fun to make and makes a beautiful presentation for any Christmas event. Shaped like a yule log, and decorated with red and green sprinkles, this Christmas vanilla roll cake is festive and full of Christmas spirit. Serve as a dessert at a holiday dinner party, or as an afternoon treat — with sweet vanilla bean coffee, of course!
  • Ultimate sugar cookies: A Christmas classic — frosted sugar cookies served with hot coffee! This recipe for ultimate sugar cookies packs in plenty of vanilla flavor, and would make a great gift with a bag of vanilla bean coffee.
  • Vanilla snack mix: This is an easy recipe for a delicious snack you can make in batches ahead of time to have on hand for holiday snacking or use for holiday gifting. Satisfying both the sweet tooth and the salty snack cravings, this treat is sure to please. Enjoy vanilla snack mix as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee, or munch with the whole family over a holiday movie.

Christmas Coffee Flavors at Barnie's Coffee and Tea

If you're tempted by all of these delicious flavored coffees and treats, stock up on all of these fun coffee flavors for entertaining at Barnie's Coffee and Tea. You'll find these four delectable flavors, and so much more. Since 1980, Barnie's has been a trusted source for delicious coffee. Make sure you order extra bags for all of your holiday entertaining — and pick a few to give as gifts too!



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