Coffee Spotlight: Our New Seasonal Flavors

Your coffee pot is about to make some great new friends. Please welcome these three tasty flavored brews to the Barnie’s Coffee family.

Love Coconection

A Sweet, Refreshing Match Made in Heaven

Chocolate meets coconut. Chocolate and coconut fall in love. Coconut moves in, and these lovebirds start a coffee together. Love Coconection blends slinky sweet chocolate flavor with refreshing floral notes. Drink it hot with your flaky breakfast croissant. Drink it iced by the pool through a curly straw. No matter how you sip it, this caffeinated confection will put you on Coffee Cloud Nine. We’ll see you there.

Try it when you’re feeling: Bold, Friendly and Self-Assured

Love Coconection chocolate and coconut flavored coffee

English Salted Toffee

Caramel Goodness with a Dash of Sea Salt

Treat your sweet tooth to a British vacation from the comfort of your morning mug. This salty, candied brew from the land of royal corgis, Sherlock Holmes and big, loud clocks will hit the spot whether you’re living the jet set life or working the daily grind. English Salted Toffee tees off on your taste buds with notes of caramel, nuts and a hint of chocolate – a delicious flavor fusion for the true coffee explorer (that’s you).

Try it when you’re feeling: Bold, Sassy and Warm

Salted Toffee flavored coffee

Blueberry Crumble

A Little Tangy, a Lot Delicious-y

Breakfast for dinner has nothing on dessert for breakfast. Blueberry Crumble gives you the flavor of a piping hot blueberry delight without getting those pesky crumbs all over your clothes. With a smidgen of fruity tang, a splash of sweetness, a balancing medium-full body and roasted chocolate notes, it tastes delicious fresh from the coffee pot and chilled over ice.

Try it when you’re feeling: Wistful, Sweet and Generous

Blueberry Crumble flavored coffee

Sound like your cup of Joe? Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram @barniescoffeeandtea for s’more flavorful coffee announcements in the near future.

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