How to Make Latte Art

Guest Blogger: Sean Lyndsey Duane

Nothing satisfies us more than a warm cup of caffeine in the morning, (am I right?) but to take it to the next level, a beautiful (and delicious!) latte gets you there.

Latte art has been a huge hit in coffee shops around the world. It's a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the latte. Why get a plain latte when you can get a latte with art? Making latte art is a skill and takes practice, but it's quite rewarding.

8 Steps for Latte Art

  1. Pour cold milk into a metal steam pitcher.
  2. Turn on the steamer until it reaches 140 to 145 degrees.
  3. Take the steam wand out let it cool down.
  4. Measure about 5-8 grams of Barnie's espresso coffee into a clean portafilter.
  5. Put the shot in a small pitcher. Slowly pour the espresso shot into the serving cup.
  6. Take the pitcher with milk and pour it into the serving cup.
  7. Make sure you start off by pouring the steaming hot milk into the cup from far away and then get closer. That way the foam will rise to the top. Refer to video link for technique.

The baristas at our café know many different designs such as a heart, swirling hearts, a swan, and Rosetta.

Latte Art

Latte Art

Latte Art

Latte Art

 Try your hand at making your own latte art, but if it's too much work, or you want to see Charles (or any of our baristas!) craft some magic—head to the café on Park Avenue. Be sure to share your pics, because let's be honest... if you had a gorgeous latte but didn't post a picture of it, did it really happen? 

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