Is Coffee Gluten-Free?

This can be a tricky question to answer. In short, not all coffees out there are gluten free. But all Barnie’s coffees are gluten free. Here’s why...

According to the Celiac Support Association, fresh brewed coffee is a good beverage option for individuals on a gluten-free plan.

However, many coffees are produced in facilities where cross-contamination with gluten foods is a possibility. Also, many instant coffees on the market contain soy products and other additives that are not allergen-free. To complicate matters even more, many of those with Celiac disease are very skeptical when it comes to flavored coffees because the flavoring could come from wheat, barely, dairy, soy or other allergens.

These are the concerns we hear from our customers with dietary needs. And we want to inform you that all Barnie’s Coffee & Tea coffees are gluten and allergen free.

Barnie’s coffees are packaged in allergen-free facilities, where the threat of cross-contamination is virtually nonexistent.

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