Let your Coffee Make a Difference

The coffee industry is going to be vastly different than we know it in 50 years- it will be vastly different than we know it in just 20 years. As one of the most highly traded commodities, we often take our cups of coffee for granted. Before those beans make it into our bags, ground for you, and brewed into your mug— a lot of love, heritage, and experience has gone into your morning routine. As coffee farmers get older, their children need the education and resources to pick up where their parents have left off. This includes remaining (or becoming) current with the modern processing techniques. Creating new systems to be efficient in their picking and processing, is vital to the stability and growth of the coffee industry, and we at Barnie’s knew we wanted to be involved.

Young men and women in coffee-growing regions feel deeply connected to their land and have expressed a desire to stay and farm coffee. They want to honor the coffee tradition of their families while also modernizing their practices. Unfortunately, while they know there are opportunities to strengthen their coffee communities through the use of new agricultural and business methods, the lack of available training, mentorship, and capital have kept these methods out of reach, which is why Barnie's has decided to partner with Coffee Kids, an organization that provides resources, training and mentorship for the next 'crop' of coffee farmers.

Coffee Kids partners with communities to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit needed to protect the future of coffee farming. Founded in 1988, Coffee Kids was the first nonprofit within the budding specialty coffee industry dedicated solely to improving coffee farmers’ quality of life. In the 27 years since Coffee Kids’ inception, they have partnered with over 200,000 coffee-farming families in over 400 communities, and a generous base of supporters from both within and outside of the coffee industry to empower farmers to improve their lives and livelihoods.

A portion of proceeds from every bag of Crop•Ex coffee purchased, will go directly to Coffee Kids, and in turn continue their tradition and heritage, and your morning ritual.

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