Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Coffee, DECAF

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A Twist of Summer Picked Blackberries and a Crumbly, Buttery Cake

Our Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake flavored coffee is delicious by itself or paired with your favorite morning pastry, afternoon snack or after dinner dessert. Notes of crumbly, buttery cake perfectly balance the sweetness of summer picked, sun-ripened blackberries.

  • Decaf
  • Naturally and artificially flavored
  • No sugar
  • Less than 5 calories per 6 ounce cup
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Medium roast

Contains no nuts or nut derivatives, no fat and is gluten-free

Decaf Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Coffee Featuring Sweet Blackberries and Warm, Buttery Cake

Sweet yet tart, blackberries are the perfect addition to yummy buttery crumble cake. So, we thought, what better way to pay homage to summer picked berries in a delectable shortcake than by offering them in your morning cup of joe?

Our Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Decaf Coffee is a delectable treat to start your day off right each morning or close your day as you sip and watch the sunset. The perfect balance of sweet and tart ensure that this brew is one you'll love day after day.

Enjoy Premium Berry Flavored Decaf Coffee Morning, Noon and Night

When you order a bag or two of Barnie's Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Decaf Coffee, you can sit back with a mug full any time — our decaf variety offers the same enticing flavor as our regular signature blend.

Whether you get the coffee jitters when you drink too much joe or you just want to have a hot mug before bed, this decaf selection is just the thing. Be sure to check out our other unique decaf coffee blends.

Surprise Your Brunch Crew With Blackberry Flavored Decaf Coffee

At Barnie's, we love to play around with unique flavor combinations, and the mixture of rich shortcake with scrumptious blackberries is one we're quite proud of. If your brunch crew has never enjoyed the intoxicating blend of blackberries with coffee, be sure to have a pot of Decaf Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Coffee at your next brunch get-together. This elegant blend makes for the perfect addition to any menu. Plus, as a decaf option, it ensures that you won't have to worry about mixing your coffee and cocktails.

Our decaf blackberry flavored coffee can go with just about any meal you wish to serve your guests. However, it shines when paired with sweet treats. Whether you're having a sticky bun or crispy sourdough toast with a thick layer of strawberry jam, you'll love how our decaf coffee brings out incredible flavors.

Boost the Blackberry Taste With Flavored Creamer or Sweetener

Our Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Decaf Coffee can definitely be enjoyed on its own. That said, if you wish to give it a boost of flavor, experiment with your choice of dairy or non-dairy creamers. The flavor of blackberry shortcake pairs perfectly with vanilla, hazelnut and even decadent chocolate creamers. Just a dash can change the entire tone of your cup of java.

If creamer isn't your thing, try experimenting with some of the natural sweeteners on the market today. Stevia and agave add a sweet dimension without the need for added sugar.

Give a Coffee Lover in Your Life the Perfect Gift

Whether it's for a helpful neighbor, a coworker who keeps you sane at the office or even a close family member or friend, there's nothing better than the gift of coffee. Your favorite coffee lover will enjoy trying out this unique decaf blend, so be sure to add a few bags of this and other Barnie's signature coffee creations.

Coffee is the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. To create a coffee-themed gift set, add regular and decaf selections, like our Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Coffee. Throw in an adorable mug and maybe a new French press, and you've got yourself a gift basket anyone would love.

Reasons to Treat Yourself to Our Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake Decaf Coffee