Subscription - Creamy Buttery Caramel, 3 Bags

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Smooth, Sweet and Caramelly

There was no way of knowing the quest for caramel would take us so far. Over mountains. Across continents. From sea to sweet, sugary sea. Picking up delectable tidbits and buttery nuggets along the way. Stirring. Sipping. Simmering. Over and over again until we finally achieved it: the perfect blend of buttery, creamy, caramel flavor with rich, robust coffee. This coffee is sure to satisfy your craving for creamy smooth, caramelly and wonderful.This combination of flavors creates an aromatic cup of coffee that remains unforgettable.

  • Naturally and artificially flavored
  • No sugar
  • Less than 5 calories per 6 ounce cup
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Medium roast
  • Ground coffee
  • Three 12 ounce bags

Contains no nuts or nut derivatives, no fat and is gluten-free

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