Sweetheart Blend 10oz. Ground Coffee
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Sweetheart Blend 10oz. Ground Coffee
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Sweetheart is usually used as a term of endearment and affection. Barnie's CoffeeKitchen Sweetheart blend is absolutely lovable! Our Sweetheart Blend has a flavor you will cherish - it is reminiscent of ripe cherries dipped in dark chocolate with just a hint of brandy flavor. It has a depth and complexity that will make you fall for it! Perfect for you and your loved ones to warm up your hearts with this decadent flavored coffee. This once seasonal coffee now is available year round and can be found in 10oz medium grind prepackaged bags, 10oz coffee by the case and 2.5oz fractional packs.
Creamy, Rich, Decadent.
Central and South America.

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