12 Reasons to Love Santa’s White Christmas (According to Its Biggest Fans)

An unmistakable mix of coconut and caramel. That impeccable blend of floral sweetness and slinky vanilla. These things will keep a good coffee stocked in the pantry for a long time, but great flavor and aroma alone can’t describe how Santa’s White Christmas, our 1995 holiday blend, became a household favorite for 28 years running. To get to the bottom of this phenomenon, we turned to the most credible SWC experts out there: its biggest fans. Here’s what coffee drinkers around the country are saying about their favorite holiday cup, Santa’s White Christmas.

1. It’s a seasoned cross-country traveler.

I lived in Florida in 1995, when Barnie’s first came out with Santa's White Christmas, and I have loved it ever since. Now that I'm living in Delaware I traditionally order this coffee to kick off the holiday season with a daily cup.

– Darlene

No matter Dela-where you are, Santa’s White Christmas can meet you there.

2. It’s basically Christmas morning in a mug.

I have been drinking this coffee for since it was originally introduced to the market. I can't seem to get enough! The rich aroma and comforting taste makes it seem like Christmas morning every single day. I am a loyal drinker (and happily addicted to my daily cup) of Santa's White Christmas!

– Alicia

It’s Christmas(any)time!

3. It’s a bonafide hit with the in-laws.

It’s my mother-in-law’s absolute favorite!

– Katherine

Mothers know best, after all.

4. It tastes (and smells!) like a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Barnie's is in a class of their own. I’m not a coffee drinker, but their Santa’s White Christmas converted me! It is so smooth and actually tastes good! And the smell...oh my goodness, you could just brew it for the smell!

– Angela

Come to the dark roasted side – we have coffee.

5. It brings them back to the good ol’ days.

It’s my favorite coffee of all time. The smell alone takes me to a nostalgic, cozy and happy place.

– Angela

Of all time!

6. It survived the Y2K Bug.

We have enjoyed it since 2000.

– Virginia

R.I.P Napster 

7. No cream or sugar needed.

Love this coffee – so glad we can get it all year long! We mix it 50-50 with regular ground coffee and brew a pot every day. No cream or sugar needed with Santa’s coffee.

– Lynn

Imagine being on Santa’s Nice List for life.

8. It loves ice cream as much as you do.

This is my favorite blend, rich and yummy. I have a friend that adds a scoop of vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

– Dianna

I scream, you scream, etc.

9. It’s serious business.

My favorite flavor for decades. Seriously.



10. It makes a house into a home.

An all-around favorite, Santa's White Christmas is a staple at our house. We try not to ever run out of it. It has a wonderful, mellow flavor that works well with everything.

– Terrie

Home is where your mug is.

11. It makes the heart grow fonder.

I was first introduced to Santa's White Christmas in Pigeon Forge, TN at The Inn at Christmas Place two years ago. We stayed there for our anniversary, and it was served daily as a complimentary coffee choice. I instantly fell in love with it, and I buy multiple bags when we visit the area every year.


Life. Goals. And finally…

12. It’s the best coffee in David’s world.

Some of the best coffee in the world (at least my world). – David

Santa’s White Christmas: the Official Coffee of David

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