A Taste of Simpler Times: Introducing our Butterscotch Latte Coffee

Savor the flavor at our Winter Park Café’s new Cappy Hour

Ahhh, Butterscotch. The sweet confection evokes memories of childhood for many. During this pandemic, our Barnie’s flavor fanatics are craving both nostalgic comforts and decadent treats. But what to do about that pesky new year’s resolution to lose a few pounds? We’re happy to introduce the perfect solution: our newest limited-time flavor, Butterscotch Latte medium roast coffee.

The flavor of butterscotch is sometimes confused with caramel, but it’s actually quite different. Butterscotch was invented in Doncaster, a town in Yorkshire, England, by a candy maker named Samuel Parkinson. Butterscotch is made from butter and brown sugar, blended with heavy cream, vanilla and salt, and it’s caramelized for a rich and decadent taste. In 1817, Parkinson created hard candies with the new flavor that became wildly popular, even earning the royal seal of approval!

Our new Butterscotch Latte will make you feel like a royal, too! It offers intense creamy butter notes packed with golden butterscotch candy flavor and ribbons of rich dairy cream, blended with 100% arabica coffee. Delicious served both hot and iced with a little bit of cream and sugar or a preferred sweetener, this new blend is ideal if you want to savor a guilt-free treat. A 6-ounce cup has less than five calories, is sugar-, fat-, nut- and gluten-free, and available in decaf.

Our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Scott Uguccioni said, “Our customers love creamy flavors, as evidenced last year when we had a big hit with Strawberries and Cream. And, butterscotch appeals to consumers’ ongoing love for caramel variants. It’s no wonder that our fans and followers selected butterscotch when we asked them to vote for our next limited-time flavor.”

We have always created our coffees in collaboration with our flavor fanatic customers like you. Last fall, we leveled up that effort as part of our 40th anniversary celebration when we presented fans with four options and asked them to vote for their favorite. “It was butterscotch for the win and they nailed it!” Uguccioni added.

If you’re in the Central Florida area, we invite you to visit our Winter Park café and enjoy Butterscotch Latte and other familiar flavors during our new Cappy Hour, held weekly Monday through Friday between 2-4 PM. Save $1 off any single coffee or tea beverage order, or 50 percent off when you buy two or more beverages. Furry friends can join in the fun during their own Yappy Hour with a free Doguccino and special treats from our Winter Park neighbor Woof Gang Bakery. Live outside of Orlando? Order a bag online and bake this recipe for Butterscotch Latte Blondies. We look forward to sharing this new flavor with you and we can’t wait to hear how you LOVE it!

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