Kick the Cream & Sugar—Black is Back

Guest Blogger: Brooke Worthington

As you jump start your day with black coffee, you’re treating yourself to the ultimate act of tasteful simplicity: Void of sugar or dairy, your inner coffee purist (who may be in hiding and require some coaxing to come out) can experiment with all the subtle but important nuances that make black coffee both a healthy drink option and a true palate pleaser. Try a variety of ways to drink black coffee to discover your personal preferences:

  • Roasts (light, medium and dark
  • French press (with its heavier body) or Pour-over (with a lighter body)
  • Cold brews (slow-steeped for a stronger, sweeter taste than traditional hot-brewed coffee)
  • Temperature (piping hot, drinkable room temperature, cold or iced)

Think black coffee sounds boring? It doesn’t have to be. Our flavored coffees go beyond healthy caloric benefits—they simply taste good. Barnie’s Cool Café Blues delivers a spicy-sweet blend of rum, caramel, maple, pecan, and cinnamon to invoke the spirit of New Orleans, while Sweetheart Blend combines the irresistible pairing of cherries and dark chocolate with a hint of brandy. With no sugar and just five calories per cup, you benefit from the full flavor and zero guilt.

Best of all, black coffee contains flavonoids, nutrients known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. A low calorie, fat-free drink that supports your health? That is something we can all raise our cups to.

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Bold Coffee Creations

  • Barnie’s Espresso Martini

    Barnie’s Espresso Martini

  • Iced Coffee Margarita

    Iced Coffee Margarita

  • Eggspresso