6 Coffees for 6 Valentine’s Couples

February carries certain expectations. The holiday decorations finally come down. Winter blossoms in Spring. And Valentine’s Day brings the pressure to find the perfect tokens of affection to gift our loved ones. Just as there are different flavors of coffee, there are different flavors of love. Here are six types of Valentine’s couples — and six coffees that speak to their ever-loving souls.

The Rekindled Sparks

Fill their mugs with: Love Coconection

It’s been so long, and it feels so right. This cute little couple lost their way once upon a time, and now the Universe has rubbed these two souls together again. And the sparks are flying. Whatever reason they drifted apart melts away, and anyone can see this is how it was meant to be. The reunion can be awkward at first — refreshing the relationship basics, deciding what to leave in the past. Theirs is a state of disbelief and elation: every moonlit dinner, every longing look on the train ride home feels stolen from Cupid’s bag of goodies. Time and place had conspired against them for so long. They know life jerks and jumps and waits for no one, so they don’t feel too bad stealing a little love where they can find it.

The Part-Time Lovers

Fill their mugs with: Café Mocha Truffle

These loving folks lead busy lives but never forget to pocket some time for each other. Part-time Lovers huddle over the coffee table or picnic blanket like they’re plotting the Revolution, fighting against the too-few hours in a day for a goodnight kiss. Whether its conflicting schedules or long distance, no obstacle can keep them apart for long. They fill the work weeks with meetings and lunches with co-workers until it’s time to be where their hearts are: in each other’s arms. Don’t pity the Part-time Lovers: theirs is patient, kind and full of life.

The First Blush

Fill their mugs with: Chocolatey Chocolate Hazelnut

These hot and heavy lovers have discovered a fantastic secret: each other. And they are shouting it from the rooftops. They literally stop to smell the roses at the supermarket florist. First Blush Loves have almost certainly lowercase “loved” before, but this is all-caps, balloon letter LOVE. Every moment spent together builds on the last. Chocolate tastes sweeter. Every bad joke they tell is a winner, bar none. The fire in this kind of love can’t burn this hot forever, but that’s the beauty — and purpose — of First Blush romance: it doesn’t have to. Like booster rockets on a space shuttle that fall away after escaping gravity, First Blush love has put them on a new course toward something new and beautiful.

The Cozy Couple

Fill their mugs with: Sweetheart Blend

These adorable lovebirds are proof that love conquers all. Cozy Couples almost certainly own his-and-her matching t-shirts — or at least fuzzy slippers to wear around their home — and they love Eskimo kisses. They single-handedly keep their local personal engraving shop in business. A Cozy Couple may not jump out at you when they sit down at your favorite coffee shop, but you will absolutely feel their warmth. They’re the kind of couple you remember from classic TV shows who, no matter what, always ended the day more in love than when we first found them. But Cozy Couples are even better: they’re real.

Just Friends

Fill their mugs with: Very Berry Blackberry Shortcake

“No, it’s really not like that” is this terrific twosome’s rallying cry, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and, like a favorite pair of jeans, theirs fits just right. They split a large popcorn and drink —two straws — at the movies without batting an eye. The banter these two share would make a sitcom writer blush. These two met years ago and beat the odds, staying close and meeting milestones together — first car, first detention, first date (not with each other, of course). They are what we aspire to be with our best friends: caring, selfless and honest through thick and thin.

The Newlyweds

Fill their mugs with: German Chocolate Cake

Marriage: for couples lucky enough to tie the knot, it’s something old and something new. These are lovebirds you’ve known for years with a fresh, young glow that shines on everyone they meet. They can turn simple household chores into tender moments fit for an Instagram filter. Their laugh sounds like the first gentle rain of spring. The Newlyweds have reached that strange, wonderful intersection where love becomes something more than a feeling — where two souls take their first steps together and realize they’ve got this “forever after” thing down pat.

Bold Coffee Creations

  • Barnie’s Espresso Martini

    Barnie’s Espresso Martini

  • Iced Coffee Margarita

    Iced Coffee Margarita

  • Eggspresso