Dustin Finch (Director of Coffee Programming) discusses the inspiration behind Barnie's Mocha Blueberry Flavor

How does a pairing of coffee and chocolate sound?  Our team is constantly experimenting with new taste creations under the leadership of our Director of Coffee Programming, Dustin Finch. Dustin has come up with a NEW limited-time flavored roast favorite for Barnie’s limited-time flavored roast that combines two of our favorites coffee and chocolate: Mocha Blueberry. 

We spent a few minutes with Dustin to learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind this cool, delectable flavor.

1.   What was your inspiration behind Mocha Blueberry?

Coffee and chocolate has long been a pairing since 17th century Europeans started using them as light and sweet stimulates throughout their day in drinks.  In the 1970’s, more experimentation with coffee pairings happened and Blueberry coffee became a staple along with hazelnut and vanilla. The sweeter fruit notes balances out the inherent bitterness of the coffee which often paired well with a pastry.

We took inspiration from that past, along with some modern day treats to develop this Mocha Blueberry coffee.

Professional sitting on a bench, using their laptop and a cup and bag of Barnie's Mocha Blueberry.

2.  What food items do you think Mocha Blueberry goes best with?

I really enjoyed having a scone with this coffee, I had a cranberry one but any fruit scone would pair exceptionally well. I’d steer away from anything too sweet, as it could tip the balance towards too sweet.

3.  Can you describe the flavor of Barnie’s Mocha Blueberry Coffee in your own words?

It really is a cup of decadent dark chocolate with luxurious notes of blueberry fruit. It’s smooth, sweet and a rich cup of coffee; what more could you want? 

4.  What did you do to make it great? 

We focused on getting the fruit flavor note just right. Chocolate is something we know well, especially with our Café Mocha Truffle, so we shifted the focus on getting the dark fruit note just right. After a bit of testing, we landing on a combination that we think will resonate with customers while still providing something new and exciting.

5.  Why do you think the flavor is resonating? 

I think It’s a combination of 2 classics with a some modern elements. When it comes to creating the perfect flavor, there are so many other elements than just “Chocolate” or “Blueberry”. 

There may be some subtle changes to the chocolate to make it less bitter or more creamy; additional dark fruits may be added to the Blueberry notes to make it more round and less sharp. These small tweaks using modern flavor trends allows the flavor to resonate with all customers while still being a “safe” way to try something new.

6. Based on your expertise, what more can you share? 

I’d recommend customers keep their coffee in an airtight container; our Airscape, or by using the resealable tape included with the bag after removing all the air.  When you’ve poured your cup of coffee, add 2-3 grams of sugar and 2oz of creamer/non-dairy alternative, then give it a try.

This coffee also tastes really good iced with a little whipped cream.

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