Behind The Bean: The Inspiration Behind Barnie's Carrot Cake Flavor

Warning: Many of the topics covered here will make you crave dessert and a cup of Barnie’s Coffee. Read at your own risk! :)


You know you’ve created something extraordinary when you take that first sip and ask, “Why hasn’t this been done before?”

Dustin Finch, Barnie’s Director of Coffee Programming, has crafted yet another unique roast with the addition of Carrot Cake—a flavor that hints at lightly spiced layers of cake with the perfect amount of cream cheese frosting. With notes of nutmeg and cinnamon, Carrot Cake is sure to become a fan and family favorite!

We spent a few minutes with Dustin to learn a little but more about the inspiration behind this unique and delectable limited-time flavor.


1.   What was your inspiration behind Carrot Cake?

Every now and again we have large tastings and discussions regarding what flavors we should try out to draw inspiration from our diverse staff. Every staff member is an equal contributor, and this flavor is a great representative of that.

One of our newer, younger production assistants really believed in carrot cake as an idea and the rest of us thought it would be worth a taste. Little did we know that it would be an immediate crowd pleaser and rise to the top of our choices!


2.  What food items do you think Carrot Cake goes best with?

Previously with Mocha Blueberry, I recommended something less sweet to compliment the richness of that coffee, such as a cranberry scone. With Carrot Cake, I would encourage the opposite and dive into the sweet pastries: Chocolate Croissants and muffins immediately came to mind when sipping this brew.


3.  Can you describe the flavor of Barnie’s Carrot Cake Coffee in your own words?

Barnies Carrot Cake is exactly what you expect when you come to imagine a slice of this classic dessert: a sweet and spicy cake base with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon is rounded out with a subtle note of cream cheese frosting.


4.  What did you do to make it great?  

We focused on balance because Carrot Cake is not a one-dimensional dessert. The sweet caramelization of the carrot balances with the baking spices which is all rounded out by the frosting note. If one of these flavors were to be slightly out of whack, then the whole cup would turn into a sweet carrot or just cream cheese frosting (…actually doesn’t sound too bad).


5.  Why do you think the flavor is resonating? 

I think this flavor resonates with people who just want something a little different than the usual. Sometimes we can catch ourselves eating or drinking the same things everyday, so the introduction of a carrot as dessert both intrigues and ultimately satisfies customer’s curiosity.


6. Based on your expertise, what more can you share? 

To really make the flavor pop, add about 2 grams of sugar and 2-3 oz of your choice of creamer/non-dairy.

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