Warning: Santa’s White Christmas Brew Will Trigger Your Love for Barnie’s

Here are three reasons you need to savor Santa’s White Christmas® this holiday season (if you haven’t already done so):

  1. The first and most obvious reason is this: life is too short to drink anything but the best. This smooth coffee blend has been a household favorite for 26 years. Santa’s White Christmas® is so popular that we couldn’t limit selling it to just the holiday season. This flavored coffee is offered all year round! (It really is that amazing.)
  2. The second reason? Happiness in a cup. This festive brew is a combination of coconutty, caramel and vanilla flavor. Every sip is guaranteed to make you happier, and more importantly, much more awake.
  3. The third reason to try Santa’s White Christmas® brew: there is no need for cream and sugar. Imagine that! A roast so awesome you don’t even need to add anything to it.

This is the go-to coffee to satisfy your caffeine fix as well as your holiday season cheer. But if these reasons don’t convince you, perhaps these rave reviews will:

  • “My #1 favorite coffee—year round—is Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas!! I love flavored coffee and use other flavors as well but this one remains my favorite!” - Janet T
  • “This was the coffee that triggered the love of Barnie's. Do not wait until Christmas to enjoy this awesomeness” - Danielle B
  • “Best tasting coffee in the world -- so smooth.” - Brenda C
  • “Love this coffee!!! It is all I drink year round, the flavor is fabulous!” - Tracey B
  • “I absolutely love the Santa' s White Christmas coffee. I have three other people that are now drinking it and they love it too! I recommend it every chance I get!” - Gale E
  • “Seriously the best tasting flavored coffee ever! This coffee is good any time of the year!” - Priscilla

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