New Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry Microroast is one of our most intense origin coffees. The proof is in the peaberry!

As Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen’s Master Roaster, I love introducing our Kitchenistas to some of the most d­­­­­istinct and hard-to-find origin coffees from around the globe. I have just roasted a fresh batch of Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry coffee for the first time!

If you haven’t tried our microroast coffees, you haven’t tasted all that coffee has to offer.

Peaberries are prized for their intense flavor. The peaberries are an anomaly in the development of the coffee cherry and only occur in 10% of the coffee cherries. Instead of two seeds or beans forming in the cherry, only one if formed. The intensity in the flavor comes from the cherry nourishing just one seed instead of two.

I am especially excited about the Tweega Peaberry because Tanzania is known for producing some of the best peaberry coffee in the world. The Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry is grown by small holder farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania Mbeya region.

Tanzanian soil is perfect to grow healthy coffee plants and contributes to a balanced acidity in the cup. The fertile volcanic soil of the Southern Highlands is perfect for coffee growing. The resulting cup is well balanced and rounded with hints of tangerine, apple and lemon.

If you try the Tanzanian Tweega and love it, we also offer Kenya Kia Ora and Ethiopian Limu Niguesse.

This season is very exciting for me because this is just the first of many microroasts coming for the holiday season. If you haven’t tried our microroasts, and you are a flavored coffee drinker, I encourage you to give this one a taste. You will be surprised by how lovely and wonderfully different our microroast coffees are. Every microroast is roasted-to-order, so you get the ultimate in freshness. Give yourself and your loved ones luxury coffees (that will really wow you)!

These coffees will leave a lasting impression (and taste) long after the gift is unwrapped. Check back for more microroasts in the coming weeks! Please make sure you sign up for our email updates so that you get all the latest news and first look at just-introduced coffees.

Anne Valdez

Microroast Coffees Tanzanian Tweega Peaberry

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