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7 Fancy Foods You Missed If You Weren’t at the Fancy Food Show

Courtesy of batchusa

You can’t call yourself a true “foodie” if you haven’t heard of the Fancy Food Show.

The Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty food event in the country – and oh, was it fancy. It’s an exhibition of some of the fanciest foods out there. More than 2,500 exhibitors showed up this year to sample 180,000 exciting foods and beverages!

The Barnie’s Team hopped on a plane to New York City and we proudly exhibited our specialty coffees. Here we officially debuted Crop Ex super premium whole bean coffees on a national platform (to rave reviews, I might add). People really gravitated to the beautiful Kraft paper bags and the great backstories of each of the single-origin coffees in the lineup!

We also showcased CupUP and BREWSTICKS. Barnie’s Blend was the crowd’s favorite single serve cup and Crème Brûlée was our most popular BREWSTICKS flavor. BREWSTICKS was even named one of Yahoo! Food's cool finds from the Fancy Food Show.

Being at the Fancy Food Show is like being at Disney World. We were surrounded on all sides by irresistible deliciousness. So when I wasn’t treating attendees to Barnie’s coffees, I couldn’t help but take a few bites myself.

As you can imagine, there were epicurean wines, cheeses and truffles as far as the eye could see. But there were also a handful unexpected finds. 

So if you didn’t attend this year’s Fancy Food Show, here are 7 of my favorite fancy finds.

1. Specialty Chocolates. It’s no surprise I have a bit of a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate. There were chocolates of all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors!

Courtesy of baking

We caught up with our friends at Chuao Chocolatier. Chuao was showcasing their new breakfast-themed chocolate bars (like strawberry waffle!). We even shared some chocolate over a little pillow talk.

And of course at the Fancy Food Show the more eccentric, the better. I found these creative chocolate bars by Choc Stars. Can you recognize the familiar faces?

There was even chocolate couture! Check out these amazing Chocolate dresses – made entirely out of chocolate.

Courtesy of craftcarejoy

2. Olives. Specialty olives and olive oils seemed to be around every corner. I really enjoyed the artisan approach the companies took with their olive crops, and reminded me of the way Barnie’s treats of our coffees.

3. All Natural Sodas. More and more companies are learning that consumers nowadays are more inclined to seek out natural products. I know I always look for the healthiest choices when I’m on the grocery aisle. I saw many healthy sparkling beverages that are alternatives to soda, like these FOUND beverages I snapped a photo of. Naturally sweetened carbonated beverages are the new standard for sodas.

4. Quinoa. Quinoa was everywhere – and in everything. Quinoa chips, dips, breads, soups – you name it. Quinoa was in it.

5. Spice. It looks like the sriracha fad is here to stay. The spicy foods and hot sauces kept me reaching for my glass of iced coffee throughout the show.

6. Marshmallows. These aren’t like marshmallows you’ve seen (or tasted) before. New and exciting flavors of marshmallows (like strawberry and salted caramel) are giving new life to the classic sweet treat.

Courtesy of thelittlekitchn

7. Jerky. Jerky may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a “fancy food,” but now there a variety of flavors of jerky and specialty rubs to try on your dried meats. I also spotted this fun and engaging consumer marketing piece as it drove up to the show, from Krave Jerky.

Each year, the Fancy Food Show is a new and exciting adventure. Can’t wait to see what delicious treats I’ll find at next year’s show.

We were so proud to show our coffees in front of major retailers and national partners. It was a successful trip that highlighted the quality, innovation and heritage of our 35-year-old brand. 

Until next time,


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