3 Quick & Fun Coffee Tricks for Halloween

Halloween always seems to sneak up on us, doesn’t it? One day you’re enjoying iced coffee by the pool and the next thing you know there are trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell.
At Barnie’s, we love celebrating holidays and Halloween is one of our favorites! Even if you’re still searching for that last minute costume idea (like I am), you can still take a few minutes to enjoy some simple ways to celebrate.

Here are a few quick & easy coffee-related ideas to get you in the Halloween spirit!

1. Sinfully Sweet Sugar Rim

Everyone dresses up for Halloween. Why shouldn’t your mug too? Dress up your coffee with yellow and orange sprinkles. With every sip you’ll taste a sugary sweet rim. While your coffee is brewing, dip the rim of your mug or glass into simple syrup. Then dip the mug in a dish of colorful sprinkles. (Nonpareils work best!)

2. Coffee Filter Lollipop Ghosts

There are so many uses for coffee filters besides brewing coffee – and here is another one to add to the list! Wrap a white coffee filter around a lollipop. Tie it at the base of the stick with a piece of yarn or twine. With a fine tip marker draw a frightening face. It’ll make unwrapping your candy twice as fun!

3. Creepy Cobweb Latte Art

At Barnie’s, we pride ourselves on training our baristas in the craft of latte art. Barnie’s baristas can pour rosettas, hearts and other beautiful designs. But even if you’re not a world class barista, you can still jazz up your latte for Halloween! Use chocolate syrup to drizzle three concentric circles on top of your latte. Use a tooth pick to etch a cobweb design. Start at the center of your latte, and pull the foam to the edge of your mug. Repeat until a creepy cobweb emerges.

Hope you enjoyed these Halloween coffee ideas! Wishing you a sweet & spooky Halloween. 


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